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Justice for Our Neighbors-Michigan welcomes immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers into our communities through legal services and social actions.

The American immigration system is complex, arbitrary, and often cruel. It is nearly impossible for immigrants and refugees — who are often vulnerable and have limited resources — to navigate and pay for the legal services they need. 

Immigrants in Michigan have very few options for fair, objective, accurate and free legal advice. Mistakes can be costly. Justice for Our Neighbors understands the law, and we navigate its complexities to help our clients achieve justice. 

The people who immigrate to the United States want to be productive members of society. They want to live and work in safety, raise a family, and contribute to their community. When our volunteers and attorneys help them integrate into the fabric of the community, we are making each community richer, more resilient, and more creative. 

To do this, we need your help.

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Justice For Our Neighbors - Michigan

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